6 Must-Try Fall 2019 Jewelry Trends (and 30 Ways to Wear Them)

The bigger and bolder the better was the general rule for the Fall 2019 collections (well, except when it came to bags). From the pumped-up power suiting to the high-volume princess dresses to the floor-sweeping statement coats, it seemed the aim of the sartorial game was to hold space, turn heads. And it was much the same in the realm of jewelry.

Per the Fall 2019 collections, pearls are back and better than ever with none of the Upper East Side grandma connotations. Matching jewelry sets will soon be as popular as head-to-toe color coordination has been for four-plus seasons now. Bib-style necklaces (perfect for pairing with fall turtlenecks), daytime rhinestones and diamonds (look bright, feel bright, even in fall) and down-to-there drop earrings are likewise about to have their moment. And artsy earrings are here to stay (and getting more abstract by the minute). Minimalism, schminalism. We’re living in a golden age of bling — why not take advantage?

For the full lowdown on Fall 2019’s top six jewelry trends, click through the slideshow above. We also rounded up some of the best options in every category so you don’t have to. (And trust us, the investment pieces are worth the investment.)