Wearing Dresses Over Pants Is Our New Sartorial Strategy for Surviving Winter

Layering is a must during these trying winter times. And while there are many ways to pile clothes on top of one another, we’re favoring simply slipping on dresses over pants to make it through the season.

Topping off pants with dresses is nothing new. Designers and street style stars have been doing it for a long time (with varying degrees of success), but it does demand a little bit of skill. You have to make sure your dress of choice suits your bottom half. If you’re rocking a minidress, go with high-waisted pants. Want to max out? Your pants should be longer than the hem of your dress, otherwise what’s the point?

Just make sure you place a turtleneck or thin sweater underneath your dress to protect you from the cold. Feel free to add in leggings under your pants and you can even throw a jacket on top of your outfit for real hygge vibes.

Check out the slideshow above for cool dress-pant combos you’ll get plenty of mileage out of this winter.