Love List: Spring 2014-Inspired Flats to Wear Now

While you can't exactly call flats a trend since they'll never really go out of style, designers have been going in a noticeably sportswear-inspired direction this season and this naturally resulted in a number of fantastic flats on the runways. Get the look now with these flats, all of which can easily take you through to next season.

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The Buzz

Trend Alert: Feline Flats at The Bay

Forget about kitten heels because in every glossip mag (glossy + gossip, new word win?), it seems that some ironic celebrity hipster is wearing cats on their feet. Don't think that's some kind of convoluted metaphor like "dogs are barking" or a cool new nail art trend. What I'm talking about is the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat […]

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