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It Looks Like H&M Won’t Be Launching a Luxury Brand

Because the traditional fashion industry does a lot of patronizing head-shaking where gossipy new media (blogs, Twitters, forums, all of us) are concerned, it always feels like something of a holiday when a WWD-born rumors proves false. Fashion bible or no, WWD is a little overeager where hearsay is concerned: recent speculation that Raf Simons […]

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Kitten is a Natural Snob

Last Monday, we met Karl Lagerfeld's fantastically cute new kitten, Choupette; today, the high fashion furball got its very first write-up in WWD, cementing the miniature feline's status as an industry power player. It seems very next-level-of-hell to gossip about the Chanel designer's cat, but I'd gossip about my own cat, too, if anyone cared. […]

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