Worried About Sick Season? Stock Up On These Soothing Food Staples



You're used to seeing a different kind of shopping list on this site, we know. But we also know throngs of fashion lovers who get not a little anxious around cold and flu season. I mean, what's the point of styling up a new wardrobe if you're home sick with no one to show it off to? That's why we've put together a grocery list that will keep you on your toes, or at the very least feeling better when you've got to take the inevitable sick day. 

Some of these items you might have heard of before, but perhaps aren't exactly sure why they'll make you feel better. Others might be a completely new inclusion in your arsenal of medicinal foods. Sit back, relax and jot these down before your next trip to the store.

Bring Home the Peppers

Congestion is a bitch. You can't smell, you can't taste, you might not even be able to breathe properly. How do you clear out your pipes? Super spicy foods. Of course you can order hot and spicy soup from your favorite Chinese restaurant by the quart, or you can pick up some hot peppers from the grocers and add them to homemade soups and dishes. Spice can provide flavor you've been missing, and it works to break up mucus and get your nose blowing again.

Pick Up Ginger

You've heard of Ginger ale for an upset stomach? Here's why: Ginger root has been used since Medieval times to cure upset stomach, and it's still a go-to for nausea. Forgo the soda and pick up actual ginger root. Make homemade tea by steeping hot water over it, or shave it over foods or soups.  

Make Sure You've Got the Honey Bear

Warm, sweet honey is the ideal addition to teas made with healthful herbs and/or roots. The high viscosity coats a sore throat and its antimicrobial properties fight bacteria. Plus, it adds a touch of sweet flavor to make the medicine go down easier. We're pretty sure it was a staple in Marry Poppins' carpet bag.

Why Saltines Are a Must

When you've got the flu, you've got to eat something, even if you don't keep it down. That's why bland foods like matzo ball soup and saltine crackers go hand-in-hand. Forget the sexy tomato herb variety. Keep it simple with saltines, they actually absorb excess stomach fluids and acids. Applesauce, peanut butter and bananas also make the go-down-easy list.

Keep it Poppin' in the Freezer

You're doctor has told you 100 times: the best way to get better is to drink fluids by the bucket-full so you flush out what ails you. But not all of us can keep up with the missive. That's why a natural fruit popsicle can break up the tea and soup monotony. It's frozen liquid, it tastes good and the cold can soothe sore throats just as well as heated beverages.

100% Fruit Juice Goes in the Fridge

Normally, a nutritionist will tell you to avoid sugary, syrupy orange juice and just eat an orange. But when you're sick (as long as you stick to 100% pure varieties), it's another way to get your liquids, get some vitamins and get an energy boost to fight sickness (via sugars). 

Grab a Gatorade

If you really want to avoid dehydration, especially the kind that comes from the stomach flu, get a sports drink into the mix. Electrolytes help get you hydrated again fast.

Don't Forget Solid Protein and Pasta

When you're really ill, sometimes liquids and saltines are the best you can do. But for light to medium ickiness, think protein in the form of meat and fish, preferably atop whole wheat pasta. The idea is to give your body the extra energy it needs to get better. Protein and healthy carbs do the trick nicely.