Five Things Your Period Needs to Make it More Bearable

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

It might not be our favorite, but it comes every 28 days and we have to deal with it. Of course, we’re talking about getting your period, which can be rough on a gal. Bright side? You’ve got an excuse to eat as many yummy bodega snacks as you want and no one can make you feel guilty about it. It’s the simple things, right? At any rate, your period is going to come – might as well prepare accordingly. 

We’re here to help get you in gear. Below, five things your period needs to make it actually bearable and sometimes, kind of fun:

o.b.® Tampons

Possibly the most important thing your period needs is protection. o.b.® tampons expand to fit your unique body shape, keeping you comfortable and leak-free. So, you can take those stain-resistant panties off your wishlist – o.b.®’s got your back with their discrete and reliable line of tampons. 

A Period Tracker App

After a few weeks, it’s easy to forget when your last period was. So, if you’re the forgetful type, or the kind of girl who likes to plan ahead, try downloading a period tracker app. There are several to choose from with all different kinds of features – some have games and editorial content, but all exist to remind you when that time of the month is coming up. 

Kickboxing Classes

In the days leading up to your period, you’re likely to be a little, well, testy. Even the slightest provocation ( or none at all) can set aflame the fury deep within. But instead of taking your hormonal frustrations out on a friend, loved one or random passerby, try taking some kickboxing classes before or during your period. It will help you release some aggression, and physical activity is a great way to ease cramps.

Salty/Sweet Snacks

Chocolate covered pretzels, Honey glazed peanuts, Kettle corn. During your period, your body craves that salty-sweet flavor. And while it’s important not to overdo it, comfort yourself a little with a little trail mix or a delicious candy bar.

Netflix Marathons

The best companion to your heating pad and bowl of chocolate covered pretzels? Hours upon hours of movies and commercial-free TV that you can watch at your leisure. Relax and keep yourself entertained with uplifting romcoms (if you’re in a tears-of-joy mood), a good standup comedy, or even a romantic drama.

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