Hot Yoga 101: The Ultimate Guide

Girl sitting on yoga mat

IMAGE: Manduka Instagram

Hello there, and welcome to the Om life. Two years ago, I had my very first hot yoga class at a Bikram studio in Orange County, in a hipster hotspot known as The CAMP. Perched on top of a chic, ritzy cafe was Costa Mesa Bikram Studio, where I enjoyed my first hot, stinky sweat sesh, and loved every minute of it. Don’t like normal yoga? No worries — hot yoga is a totally different experience. You’ll also be happy to know that hot yoga has many fantastic benefits. Some of which include:

  • An improved metabolism
  • Longer and deeper sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Amazing skin (you won’t even need that fussy monthly facial anymore, so say goodbye to big, gaping pores and pimples).

What to Bring to Your First Class

  • A yoga mat: Most studios also offer a rental service for a nominal fee.
  • A towel: To cover your mat (any towel will do, but yoga mat towels have a particularly great grip).
  • A water bottle: Put ice in it, if you know what’s good for you. My personal favorites are double-walled tumblers. They won’t “sweat” and will keep your drink cold all class long.
  • A small towel (optional): To help you hold your legs or wipe your face when you get sweaty.