Celebrity Yogi Tara Stiles on Living a Tension-Free Life

tFS: Any guilty food pleasures?

TS: Ha, yes, so many. Sweets for one. Chocolate. Cake. Ice cream. Coffee. Also pizza. I’m like 12.

tFS: On the flip side, can you share with us some of your favorite healthy snacks?

TS: I always try to have a bunch of fruit in the house — whatever is in season. Almond butter is also a big staple item for me. Smoothies I love as snacks. My favorite is my Green Dream, which is made with spinach, banana and almond milk.

tFS: Any foods you try to avoid no matter what? Anything you try to eat every day?

TS: I don’t have super strict rules, but I wouldn’t eat fast food. Nothing from a drive-through, until maybe there is a juice press drive-through or something. I’m sure it’s coming.

tFS: What would we find if we looked in your fridge?

TS: Right now I’m lucky because I’ve been at home for more than two days, so I had a trip to the market. I have strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onion, tofu, almond milk, bread, leftover cake I made last night and lime frosting for a recipe test, and some leftover rice noodles and veggie stir-fry from a new recipe I tried last night.

tFS: What would we find if we looked in your gym bag?

TS: Right now I’m using this super fun dinosaur backpack I got in Tokyo for a gym bag. It has an eye mask for the plane because I’m always coming from the airport, a comp notebook from the drugstore because I’m always writing down ideas, iPhone charger because battery is always running low, sweats from my Reebok collab and a T-shirt that says “don’t give up.”

tFS: What’s a typical workout week for you like?

TS: Strala every day at the studio when I’m there, super long walks or hikes or swimming when I’m traveling. I’ll do some yoga in my room when I travel in the morning and at night, but I love to get outside. If there is a way to get my blood pumping I will.