Tracy Anderson on What You Actually Need to Work Out (It’s Surprisingly Cheap!)

Tracy Anderson

Image: Getty

It’s no secret that Tracy Anderson operates very high-end fitness studios; membership runs about $900 a month and that doesn’t include initiation fees. While Anderson maintains that those prices are necessary to maintain the quality her clients expect, she also realizes that women across income brackets could greatly benefit from her carefully honed workout method, which is why she is continually launching accessibly-priced programs like, most recently, her streaming subscription. The mega-trainer doesn’t think you have to fork over your savings just to get in shape. Just what we all need to hear as we’re trying to keep our budgets and waistlines neat and trim. We asked her for some tips on what we need (and don’t need) for our workouts.

You Don’t Need Expensive Workout Gear

I’m allergic to the concept of really expensive workout wear because I believe in sweating and when you sweat a lot, you end up washing your clothes all the time. It doesn’t make sense to spend $170 on a pair of pants or on a top when you might need two of them in the same workout because you’re sweating so much.

Buy Clothes That Let You Move

It’s imperative to invest in clothing that is conducive to moving freely. I see women all the time wearing skin-tight tops, bottoms and sports bras because they think it makes them look better, when in fact those clothes prevent them from having a connection with their body because they’re cutting off their circulation! I’m not saying you can’t wear tight leggings, but they shouldn’t have an elastic band so tight that it’s constricting your movement.

Support Is Important — But Not Too Much

In the same vein, when it comes to sports bras, while support is important, you don’t want too much support. Again, you want to be able to connect with your body and move freely. I love thin sweatpants and simple sports bras like the ones from American Apparel because when you’re working out right and sweating, your skin needs to breathe. Workout time is not wearing a pair of high heels clothes time.

Invest in Sneakers

One thing I do suggest everyone invest in is a great pair of sneakers. I love Nike and Mizuno because they’re two brands that invest in research. Always opt for brands that are putting their shoes on athletes. A lot of fitness companies try to be trendy and go the celebrity and fashion route; go with the brands that invest in technology.

Keep Your Muscles Warm with a Hoodie

For post-workout, I love hoodies, which is what inspired me to launch my own. Not only are they comfortable, but they help keep your muscles warm. When I don’t have to run to a meeting, I always jump from my workout clothes to sweats and a hoodie.

Must-Have Accessories

Get a stopwatch. You need to be aware of how much time you’re actually spending working out. I guarantee that if people stopped the clock every time they checked their email or sent a text message, they’d be shocked at how little time they are actually devoting to their workouts. It’s important to stay focused and become aware of how you’re spending your time. Again, there’s no need for some fancy tracking device, just a simple stopwatch.