Namaste: 31 Times Celebs Showed Off Their Yoga Poses on Instagram

Yoga may be about escaping modern life and finding some zen, but that doesn’t stop celebrities from being like, “Wait, gram this” when they get into an impressive pose. So many of our favorite models, actresses and fashionistas are devoted yogis and these stars are sharing their love for the practice by showing off their best headstands, tree poses and downward dogs. And because they’re A-listers that means they’re following their bliss in exotic destinations with celebrity trainers, all while wearing the most enviable sportswear (and OK, it turns out a lot of celebs do yoga in bikinis). But whether they’re attempting challenging partner poses with their omies or simply snagging a moment of meditation, stars are inspiring us to hit the mat with all their yoga selfies. So, click through to see how celebs like Beyoncé, Cara Delevingne, Kate Hudson, Hannah Bronfman and others say “namaste.”