10 Reasons Why the Tea Tank Is Your New Favourite Summer Accessory


If there’s one thing we need to do over the warmer months it’s stay hydrated, and what a bonus if we can do this in style. Enter the Tea Tank with its chic glass and wooden design, letting you drink everything from herbal teas to fruity blends in Instagram-worthy fashion.

Let us give you just a few reasons why this is the product you’ve been missing from your life.

1. It’s versatile

Whether you like your bevvies hot or cold, prefer tea or fruity flavours, this device will be one of the most utilised wares in your cupboard. With an inclusive infuser and filter, you can make everything from herbal teas to delicious cocktails with the Tea Tank. Hey, if you just want plain water, you can remove the extras and do that too!

2. It’s perfect for the girl on the go

If you’re a busy girl who’s got an overflowing schedule (let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us), this nifty bottle allows you to indulge in your tea addiction and leave your fragile mugs at home, or sip down on a sweet drink without stopping into the shops on the way to work. Think of it as your new travel buddy.

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3. Temperature’s not an issue

Thanks to the double-walled glass, you’ll be able to keep your tea either piping hot or ice cold, whichever takes your fancy. This means you’ll not only be utilising this baby all year around, but it’s also fab for the indecisive person (again, that’s pretty much all of us).

4. You can ditch the water bottles 

Following on from the above, the Tea Tank just one-upped your everyday bottle as it keeps water nice and cool. We all know how horrible it is to drink warm water thanks to the environment around you, now, don’t we? Plus, the less plastic water bottles we buy, use and throw out, the better, so you’ll be doing your bit for mother nature.


5. It’s easy 

Essentially made for loose-leaf herbal and black tea with its inclusive infuser, all you need to do is add your boiling water and let the brewing take place. Alternatively for fruity drinks, mix the strawberries, oranges, apples etc and add your refreshing filter and water (and maybe even a dash of vodka if you’re legal).

6. It’s really, really attractive

Let’s face it, most thermos look like we’re about to go for a hike, so we’re all for a prettier alternative.


7. You’re in safe hands

If you’re concerned about burning your hand after making a brew, worry not. The high quality double-walled glass means there is a gap between the liquid and outer glass which gives it an insulating effect so you won’t burn, or freeze, your hands while holding it.

8. It’s worth your while

Besides the fact that it’s ridiculously affordable at $34.39 (especially when you judge it on cost per use as per the fashion rule), you’ll also get your money back if your not completely satisfied. It begs the question: why not?

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9. It’s on-trend

Yes it’s a bit trivial, but all things healthy are freakin’ fashionable right now. With so many of us now taking pre-gym selfies and so on, it’s kind of cute to match your multicoloured crop top to the strawberries in your Tea Tank. It makes for one heck of a double-tapable Instagram pic. 

10. You’ll make better choices

You’ll find yourself making healthier decisions when it comes to food and lifestyle once this bottle becomes your go-to, because you’ll have no excuse to stop for a flavoursome and sugary drink when you’ve already got something much better for you in your bag. Plus, you’ll save money!


If you’re keen on joining the Tea Tank team and essentially all the fun, pick one up for yourself here.

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