6 of the Most Delicious DIY Protein Ball Recipes

Food is fuel and when it comes to pre-workout snacks, what you really want is a little something that gives you a lot of go. When you’re doing jump squats in the gym or running to work, you don’t want two slices of toast with peanut butter jiggling around inside you; you need a small and dense snack that gives the same amount of energy. This explains why those protein balls — you know, the really expensive ones near the cash registers — are so damn good and popular. Small but mighty, protein balls don’t only fuel you up, but also do a great job of cramming in those all-important superfoods, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats that we all know are so easy to miss out on at other times of the day.

But why are we buying them when we could just as easily be making them at home with a little Pinterest guidance? Workout energy, great on-the-go breakfast foods, kitchen satisfaction and cash in your pocket, what’s not to love? Click through the gallery above for all the steps. Whether you like peanut butter, raspberry or chocolate, we’ve got your back. 

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