Why Your Feed Is Suddenly Filled With Sweet Potato Toast

By now we all know that not all fat is bad, which is exactly why avocados are widely touted as being as healthy as they are delicious. Their bright green hue also makes them perfect for Instagram fodder further explaining why #avocadotoast has reached a Kardashian level of oversaturation. While, like the Kardashians, the fruit isn’t going anywhere, it is starting to be overshadowed by #sweetpotatotoast. Equally as pleasing to the eye, these orange nibbles tend to be lower in carbs, gluten-free and are often healthier than their avocado toast counterpart since the base is a vegetable versus bread (you literally toast a slice of sweet potato as you would a slice of bread!).

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In regard to their nutritional profile, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium and dietary fiber, all of which work to keep you satiated while boosting hair, skin and nail health. Lastly, sweet potato toast is easy to prepare and a versatile ingredient since it can satisfyingly veer down either a sweet or savory path. For a look at just how easy and versatile sweet potato toast can be, we’ve rounded up 11 delicious recipes.