Whole Foods Ranks the 9 Healthy Food Trends You Need to Know for 2017

It’s not far-fetched to assume that even those who shop Whole Foods Market on a daily basis discover new products each visit. With a revolving door of thousands upon thousands of products (RXBAR! Hemp Hearts! Tigernuts!) the aisles are peppered with countless staple and newfangled healthy products. Fittingly, as far as 2017 healthy food trend predictions go, the store’s picks are among the most compelling.

“Our teams of global buyers and culinary experts track consumer preferences all year long and watch what’s new in the marketplace to create our picks for the year ahead,” says Molly Siegler, Whole Foods Market’s culinary editor who worked on the report along with other experts and leaders who source products for the retailer’s more than 465 stores.

So here it is, the nine need-to-know healthy food trends that will shape the way we eat in the coming year. Here’s to a happy and healthy year filled with purple cereal, coconut butter and lentil pasta!

Images: Courtesy of Whole Foods Market