The Most Tasty CBD Treats You Can Buy at the Supermarket

It seems like you can’t hit up a health-minded place — whether it’s an organic grocery store, a stretching spot or even an athleisure retailer like Bandier — without coming across some sort of CBD munchable. And why not? There are some pretty awesome purported health benefits driving the cannabis craze and those go into overdrive when you combine them with, say, a raw cacao-date truffle. And no worries if you’re watching what you eat; not only do many brands offer the CBD-infused edibles in portion-controlled packages, but the CBD used is non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so while you might feel more relaxed, you won’t get the “stoned” feeling or the munchies traditionally associated with cannabis.

Like with CBD tinctures, creams and capsules, edibles are getting the luxury treatment when it comes to packaging. This brings up two important points: most of the options are expensive (we’re talking $6.50 for sparkling water or $5 for two small chocolate bites), and you must read nutrition labels and ingredient lists of any products you’re considering. Many CBD products taste addictively delicious because they’re formulated with sugar and artificial flavors. That isn’t to say they’re not worth enjoying, it’s just important to do so mindfully (in keeping with the whole premise of CBD as a health food).

Check out the slideshow above to see the most noteworthy edible and drinkable options, bearing in mind that according to Brandon Nolte, owner of Healthy Hemp Oil, it can take up to an hour for a calming effect to spread throughout the body.

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