Yes, Healthy Halloween Treats Do Exist

When you tell people you’re cutting back on sugar because you’re a diabetic or ask for no salt because you have high blood pressure or skip shrimp because you’re kosher, no one bats an eye. If you say you’re not drinking because you’re trying to lose weight or slide your burger between two high-fiber crackers because you’re trying to be healthier, people often make you feel awkward or, even worse, guilty about your “choice.”

But there’s no reason to feel guilty about doing something good for your health. And you shouldn’t feel bad if you occasionally give in to peer pressure. After all, no one can survive on veggies and lean protein all day, every day. (So if you nosh on Twix or Snickers this Halloween, there’s no reason to feel ashamed.) But there are treats out there that let you satisfy those sweet or salty cravings without deviating from your diet.

Click through the slideshow above for some healthy Halloween snacks to treat yourself to on October 31 and beyond.