Thinking About Bangs? Find Out Which Fringe Flatters Your Face

It never fails, the very minute your bangs have grown out, after months of careful trimming and wishing on a star, your favorite celeb goes and gets hers cut — and she looks amazing! Should you get yours cut again? Not until you take a good, long look in the mirror beyond your pretty features and take in the whole picture. Because to get the perfect set of bangs, you’ve got to start with the shape of your face. And darling, if you’re more of an Emma Stone shape instead of a Michelle Williams, then all the wishing in the world isn’t going to make Michelle’s bangs look as good on you as they do on her. Hey, it’s tough love, but somebody’s got to dish it out. 

The good news is that celeb faces come in many shapes and sizes, just like the rest of us. So check out the best bangs for your face shape by looking at your celeb counterpart above, then decide if it’s time for you to go under the razor or scissors again.

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