24 Hairstyles That Will Make You Want Bangs NOW

One of the biggest complaints about bangs isn’t that they get in your eyes, it’s that they aren’t as versatile as hairstyles with longer layers. We’re here today to prove that bangs are in fact very versatile. You may not have as much length to experiment with, but you can do a lot with that fringe.

Whether you play around with the texture, parting, finish or a combination of them, you can create a bangs hair look that feels like new without going to the salon. And unlike a lot of hairstyles, switching up your bangs requires next to no effort and hardly any time. You also don’t have to be a hairstyle whiz to create the majority of the looks.

If you’ve been in a hair rut or just debating about growing out your fringe, take a look at these different ways to style your bangs. They just may make you fall in love with fringe all over again.

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