The Best Body Firming and Smoothing Creams (That Really Work)

Skin firming creams sound like a too-good-to-be-true snake oil sales pitch, shouting to you from the beauty aisles preying on your weaknesses and insecurities about a less than totally tight, flawless hide. We know. And it seems just about every company that makes lotion or moisturizer has jumped on the bandwagon. From ultra high-end to drugstore deals, even if we wanted to experiment, there’s no way we could try them all.

Cue the magic of the Internet. From expert glossy sources and countless reviews from people who have actually taken the plunge and slathered on one of these wonder creams, we’ve got the top list of skin firming creams to try. And psst…if reviewers and experts are to be believed, this concept isn’t total BS. While there is no permanent fix via cream (or needle or laser) and causes vary widely from diet and exercise to genetics, many women have been pleased with the results. Take note: the ones who saw the best results ate well and exercised regularly in addition to using firming lotions, whose benefits aren’t game-changers, but a subtle improvement that’s more visible on a healthy physique. 

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