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Denis Gagnon Spring 2014 Peers Into a Retro-Future of Shimmer and Volume

I’m generally envious of people who live in Montreal. That ooh-la-la European culture, the sexy French accent and the unique style that even celebrities can’t help but notice. Now there’s yet another reason to start apartment hunting in the Quebec capital — Denis Gagnon’s chic boutique.

Known for his “couture” approach to leather, precise cuts and talent to create airy and spectacular silk pieces, Denis Gagnon is an icon on the Montreal fashion scene, a maestro of his treasure trove store located on rue Saint-Paul O.

Denis Gagnon 1

For Spring 2014, Gagnon has assembled a collection of streamlined tuxedo jackets, satin trenches and beautiful Art Deco pleated skirts that ask for nothing other than to be twirled around. Iridescent fabrics and abstract prints (almost like dragged paint) set apart statement pieces as we peer into a retro-future of shimmer and volume. It’s all rather athletic-looking, which is typical in keeping with trends of late, as fashion and fitness fuse for cuts and colours that are both complementary and contradictory in a good way.

Denis Gagnon 2

“It has continuity with the last collection, but it’s a summer collection," Denis Gagnon told Cult Montreal of the 36 ensembles that make up his Spring 2014 line. "This one is fresher, there’s more light. It’s a collection that’s fresh, dynamic and happy. We want it to be sexy, wearable and accessible, but at a reasonable price.”

I would have to agree with the “reasonable” comment given that the coveted skirts are only priced at $325. The fabulous beige coats meanwhile come in at double that, but still, the wearability of such pieces is timeless. The name “Denis Gagnon” is synonymous with innovation and modernity, so I feel like his collection is almost future proof.

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