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These Boob-Bearing T-Shirts Are Cool Until You Read the Product Description

Image: Minne

Image: Minne

"How will people react when the world inside their heads is laid bare before their eyes?" asks Japanese designer Takayuki Fukuzawa. What a surprise that the world inside a man's head would have boobs in it.

These peek-a-boo T-shirts he dreamed up will certainly make you look twice. Printed across the front: a trompe l'oeil image of a ripped shirt exposing ample cleavage and sexy lingerie. They're  like a version of those oversized tees printed with a hot bikini body your goofy uncle wears to the beach.

They seem pretty cheeky and harmless, but the website's explanation of the concept behind the design is a little creepy. "The time when our imaginings can be kept private in our minds has long passed," they say. Maybe it's the translation throwing things off, but are guys really just thinking about us in our underwear like that all the time? That can't be a thing…right?

"Everyone don a delusion mapping T-shirt and jump into a new world of ambitious dreams!" Wow, guys this shirt is going to save the world. Quickly, we need about 3.5 billion of these in a million different colorways stat!

[h/t Daily Mail]