Is Wearing a T-Shirt Under Your Dress Cool Again? We Investigate

The underdog of the layering world, the T-shirt under your dress, needs all of our attention this season.

While you may recall first seeing the trend on pages of Delia’s catalogs, it is not exactly a 90s creation, though it hit its street style stride in that decade. The pinafore, one of the sassiest ways to team up a tee and dress, has been chic since the 60s. A plaid pinafore with stockings paired with a collared white tee was the easiest way to give off Anna Karina vibes.

In the 90s, shirts under dresses were made iconic by stars like Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore. In “Before Sunrise,” Julie Delpy made the look a go-to option for effortless chic.

But we’re talking about how far the standard shirt-under-dress combo has come. From Blanca Padilla’s leather pinafore to Kristen Stewart’s Chanel dress with a bandeau top underneath at Cannes, the style is emerging to be an all-season trend.

A standard tee under your slip dress can double as an off-duty errand uniform and prove to be a great brunch number. Spanish brand Delpozo made pinafore dresses a big part of its Fall 2018 collection during London Fashion Week. A particular denim piece in Junya Watanabe’s gender-bending Paris Fashion Week show acquired put a quirky spin on the classic white shirt and denim dress pairing by adding pants.

And though the runways are taking liberties with the look, T-shirts under dresses are accessible enough for everyday wear.

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