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Must Watch: Serena Williams Does Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’ Music Video

We can all agree that Beyoncé’s homemade music video for “7/11” is fantastic. It is hard to bring anything Bey does to the next level (because well, duh, it’s Beyoncé), but we think Serena Williams may have done exactly just that.

The Vogue cover star filmed her own tennis-themed version of the music video along with a few of her pals, her dog and of course, a camera-equipped tennis racket in tow. We see Ms. Williams spinning with her foot up, busting a move through the hallways of the BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach, Florida and smack, smack, smacking those tennis balls like she don’t care. 

Filmed with a GoPro camera, Serena may have just made the best “7/11” parody ever. Watch it above.

[via Vogue]