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Tone-Deaf Beauty Company Capitalises on Paris Tragedy


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A Brooklyn-based beauty company is trying to promote a French-themed nail polish range in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks which hit Paris over the weekend.

NY Post reports that Duri Cosmetics distributed a press release which suggested customers purchase patriotic nail colours including a cobalt “Baton Rouge Blue”, white “I do” and blue “Parisian Tango” so that “beauty mavens can unite and wave hands (and toes) in unity”.

It stated that at $6 per polish, it’s an “effortless way to pay respects and show support” and that you can “offer a helping hand to Paris” with a “high ten” manicure.

In case you were wondering, none of the proceeds from these products will go towards helping victims of Friday’s massacre. A Duri Cosmetics spokeswoman from Manhattan PR claimed, “Unfortunately, they [Duri Cosmetics] had trouble getting a donation program with it.”

PR veteran Rob DeRocker was shocked by this PR attempt, telling NY Post, “It’d be different if they were giving away the nail polish. It’s as if McDonald’s jumped on this to sell more French fries.”

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