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One Minute With … Designer Rachel Antonoff

Rachel Antonoff; Image: Getty

Rachel Antonoff; Image: Getty

Rachel Antonoff’s Fall 2015 presentation was the talk of the town on Thursday night. Editors filed into the Professional Children’s School uptown where the designer staged her latest collection in a science fair format, complete with stations full of erupting volcanoes, solar system displays and dissecting frog charts. But the science theme didn’t stop there. If you looked closely, the collection’s romantic floral motif was actually painted organs and what looked like a watercolor print turned out to be frog guts. What will these kids think of next?

image: Getty

image: Getty

theFashionSpot: This is the best science fair we’ve ever been to.

Rachel Antonoff: Thanks! We always have a story to go off. I can’t do it any other way. We based this collection off three characters: Fern, Seymour and Angelica. Fern is a college student, who’s sleeping with her biology teacher, Seymour. He’s in love with the botany teacher, Angelica. But Angelica is sleeping with Fern. 

tFS: What kind of student were you?

RA: A bad one! I was always so bored and doodling in my book. School was painful. 

tFS: Did you ever get in trouble?

RA: I was suspended once in eighth grade for writing a filthy essay. It was about my teacher and it was called “The Naked Man Riot.” We never intended for him to see it, but what do you know. My friend and I got suspended.

tFS: What group of kids did you hang out with in school?

RA: I hung out with the nice kids who didn’t kiss anyone until they were 17.

tFS: Was that true for you?

RA: Yeah, that was pretty much just me. 

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