ClassPass Arrives in London, Fitness Junkies Rejoice

Image: Courtesy of ClassPass

Image: Courtesy of ClassPass

“One pass. Unlimited classes.” That’s the tagline for ClassPass. Take one look at the class schedule on the website, and you’ll see the company’s not kidding. If you like yoga, circuits, cycling, strength training, Pilates or in fact, all of the above, you’ve just stumbled into serious luck with ClassPass — a fitness membership service that took the U.S. by storm and is now ready to do the same in London.

How’s this different than any other fitness membership, though? Well, with ClassPass, you pay one monthly membership fee and you get access to classes all across the city, so you can say goodbye to your pay-as-you-go yoga fees on top of your monthly gym membership costs and the £20 you spend once a week when you can face spinning. ClassPass’ monthly membership cost is £89 and though, yes, that’s kind of steep, that’s for unlimited classes anywhere in the city with zero additional pay-as-you-go fees. Go to as many classes as you want, explore different studios and try different activities you may not have otherwise tried. Ultimately, it’s a golden ticket to the most coveted classes in London.

Most of the buzziest boutique classes and studios are on the schedule, so it completely opens up the city and makes London’s fitness scene your oyster. You can hit up a spinning class once and say, “Nah, that’s not for me” before finding hot yoga is your favourite and going to every class you can. You can try the same activity at studios all across town to see how they differ and how instructors compare, which is a fantastic opportunity to learn from and something you probably wouldn’t dream of doing if you had a standard single-studio membership to fulfil.


Image: Courtesy of ClassPass

Because of the sheer volume of classes and activities open to you, and the pretty steep monthly fee, it’s fair to say it’s built for those who want to go to classes and actually do. It’s great for yoga bunnies who want to get into cardio, too, cyclists who want to strengthen and soothe their muscles with Pilates or runners who can run for miles, but are keen to improve their strength. The only slight problem is that you will want to quit your job, so you can fit in going to more classes.

Functionally, it works, too. Once you’ve registered and paid up, you can log into your account online, flick through all the different classes on the calendar, click to reserve your slot and all you have to do is turn up. Use the app when you’re on-the-go, and it’s even easier. It eliminates the hassle of going on all the different studios’ websites, checking schedules and going through the individual payment methods. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s seriously addictive.

Sign up for your first month here, and see what the hype is about.