Daphne Guinness Teams Up With NARS

It pays to have friends in high places: British socialite Daphne Guinness was selected by Francois Nars to front a new campaign for NARS, and he even gushed when asked about her participation.

"She fits the image of the brand so well. She’s very creative and elegant, and is a chameleon. And she really loves make-up – the whole process of it. Any make-up artist dreams of having someone like that as a muse," he told the press about his Guinness.

The new campaign focuses on a purple eye shadow that also happens to be named "Guinness", after Daphne herself.

"When I started thinking about colors that meant Daphne to me, purple felt right – and when I tried it on her at the shoot, I immediately knew it needed to be named for her," Nars added.

Guinness, who also models for Akris accessories, recently made headlines for buying the entirety of late fashion icon Isabella Blow’s wardrobe, instead of having it go to auction. Guinness frequently rocked headpieces and fascinators from the immensely talented designer, who died by her own hand in 2007. When asked why she snagged Blow’s wardrobe, she explained "It’s Issy – it’s her DNA. It should not be scattered to the four winds. I want it to remain as a monument."


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