Beauty Trend: Eyelashes

Eyelashes are extremely important when expressing a woman’s femininity, and are an easy way to luxe up a daytime look.

We adorn them with colorful mascaras, darken them, lengthen them, and even douse them with harmful chemicals supported by famous actresses that supposedly make them grow longer and darker.

A thick eyeliner and a fake lash is a favorite among sexy celebs like the Kardashian sisters, and has been seen on the runway in unique versions, proving that the lash is back with a force.

However, for the Haute Couture 2011 shows, mascara seemed to have lightened up a bit. Not to say that it has disappeared altogether, but those long, wispies and heavy liner with even heavier lashes were not the typical pairing with the clothes.

Thick, separated bottom lashes were original and unique show at Yves Saint Laurent’s 2010 show (left).


Are doll like-framing eyelash a thing of the past, shown at Anna Sui (left)? A pretty little angel at Valentino is colorful and light with a bare face, minimal mascara, no liner and pastel shadows (right).

For 2011, the eyes got a little lighter without losing their sex appeal. A bare eye with a horizontal, black liner shown at Jean Paul Gaultier is an unexpected dark look without all of the lash clutter.

As we know, trends take a while to fade in and out, so you sill have some to if you want to play with these current trends. A pretty, long, tasteful lash will never go out of style.