Dick Page, Make-Up Artist: a tFS Exclusive Interview

In addition to being one of the most sought-after editorial make-up artists, Dick Page is also the Artistic Director of Shiseido.

He’s put his talent to good use working with Bjork, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Helen Mirren, Isabella Rossellini and Julianne Moore, among others.

But it’s his runway work that really sets this make-up artist apart from the rest.
Page is responsible for the looks at the Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and United Bamboo shows.
Sarah Howard asked Page her three favorite beauty-related questions, and here’s what he had to say…
Sarah Howard: How did you break into the beauty/make-up industry?
Dick Page: I got interested in the whole British fashion/music scene in the eighties, and it seemed that make-up was something fun that I could do pretty easily, having always been interested in painting and drawing – same principle, different medium. I practiced on everyone, never trained and just kept at it until I could make a living! 
It took a while. The big change happened in the early nineties when photographers I was working with, like Juergen Teller and David Sims, started to get recognized – and I went along for the ride.
SH: Five most coveted products, and why?
DP: Of course I love all the products that I’ve helped to create, but here you go:
1. Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color, particularly the gold and white highlighting shades. I love color in the skin, and these work beautifully. I like to combine the highlighting shades with the cheek colors for a really luminous complexion.
2. Shiseido Makeup Perfect Rouge Lipstick – the discreet shades like Venetian Rose and Baby are classically elegant, and there are a few good brights in the line, too. I think it’s a great lipstick ‘wardrobe’.
3. Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios, new for fall. This is my big editorial voice moment! I’ve created all the colors in the line to date, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to do palette color combinations, and they turned out great. 
There are subtle neutral palettes like the browns in “Strata” along with more surprising ones like the brights in “Tropicalia.”
4. Alcone make-up sponges. Indispensable! I dread to think how many of these I’ve gone through in my career. They’re great for base, cream color, blending powder products down, and other limitless possibilities. I should’ve bought shares in the company.

5. A mystery product! My favorite thing tends to be the one I’m working on at the moment, and as I’m preparing 2012 products right now, I’m afraid I can’t tell you what it is.  But I’m rather excited.

SH: Favorite look you’ve ever created, and why?

DP: Wow, there are so many looks that I love for different reasons, but I’ve attached one with blue eyeshadow [top left] that I did as a bit of a reaction to the idea that you shouldn’t wear strong eyes and strong lips at the same time. 

I hate rules like that.