How To Get the Perfect Cat Eye

The swinging 50s trend has finally found its way back into the hearts of the high fashion world.

From feminine housewife circle dresses at Louis Vuittton F/W 2010, to Isabel Marant’s rockabilly babes in skinny leather pants, we were surprised that we didn’t see any poodle skirts gracing the runways.

But there was one thing we did see, and that was the famous cat eye. The cat eye is one make-up look that means business.

A girl is tough, confident, and sexy with her flashy cat eye. A thick and sharp streak of eyeliner makes the eye look longer and heavily lidded, causing the boys to faint with just one blink.

Some girls make the mistake of making their line too thick and harsh, or they make it too thin and long, as though they are channeling Cleopatra.

Then there is also the problem of smearing the delicate curve of the outer eye during the day. Busy girls want a cat eye that stays put, because we have other things to worry about.

The best trick is to prep your eye with a primer like Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Shadow Base ($24)  before applying anything. This keeps the eyelid from getting greasy during the day so color doesn’t slip off.

Also, try to stay away from eye pencils – they tend to smudge too easily right after application. A liquid or gel liner has more pigment, and will stay on all day.  Bobbi Brown’s award-winning Long Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21) is a favorite in the industry because of its quick-drying, waterproof formula.

When it comes to drawing the cat eye, use a slanted eyeliner brush like Bobbi Brown’s Eye Definer Brush ($28).

Make sure the shorter end of the brush faces the outer corner of the eye when you make the swipe. This creates a perfect point. Your cat eye should be the shape of a thin scalene triangle, with the longest side pointing out towards the outer corners of the eye, ending only a few millimeters past the edge.

Now wait for the liner to dry, add a swipe of mascara, and you’ve got yourself the season’s freshest look for your eyes. It couldn’t be any simpler.