Jeremy Scott S/S 2011 Backstage

The make-up created for Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2011 show by MAC Cosmetics was pure, unadulterated fun, inspired by a collage of “chaos and an imaginary meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry at CBGB’s (music club) in the early 90’s."

To achieve the bold look, the MAC team, led by make-up artist Val Garland, applied Black Cream Liner, Silver Dusk White Pain Stick Pro, and Gesso Eyeshadow onto the models’ eyes.

Brown Cream Liner was used on the crease. MAC finished off the look with false lashes and Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara. 

The eyebrows were then blocked off with Pros-Aide (the only non-MAC tool used) and drawn over with Black and Brown Cream Liner.

MAC applied Sculpt Foundation to the face, topping off the cheeks with blush (in Sepia and Bamboo). The look was completed using Cherry Lip Pencil and Red Micronized Airbrush to create a bold lip.

To go along with the eye-catching makeup, Dashing Diva, a nail salon chain and company, applied Limo Service (black) onto the models’ nails, and coated them with a matte finish.

Luscious baby doll curls, by no means a conventional hairstyle, complemented the strong make-up look. Eugene Soloman, leader of the hair team, told me Jeremy didn’t want the girls to look "classic."
He added, "It’s really about a sense of humor, as well as having fun dressing up." 
The look was not about healthy hair, that’s for sure. The hair was sprayed with Wella Ocean Spritz to take out any shine, then teased under the roots for texture, put into curls, and pinned. Once the curls were ready to go, the models’ hair was coated with lots of powder for a dry, wispy, raw look. 
Marie Antoinette would have been proud!