Beauty Trend: Ghost

Does beauty lie in death? Whether due to fear, the vampire craze, or merely human curiosity, designers are looking to ghosts for beauty inspiration. Although ghosts are perhaps not traditionally what we define as beautiful, these darker looks are expanding into the mainstream. Black lips, pale skin, and dark undereye circles are showing up on the hottest runways, and in ad campaigns from all of the top designers.

Taking one element of these dramatic looks and adding it to your everyday make-up will translate nicely, but don’t try to duplicate all the elements, unless you want to be asked whether you are feeling well by complete strangers.

Rodarte is known for their ethereal creations, and last season they created a dream of pale creatures with haunted eyes (left).  Ghostly make-up supported the statuesque, Grecian-inspired collection at Viktor and Rolf (right).

Nars’ Fall 2010 campaign exaggerated the eyes, lips, cheeks and skin in a ghost white for a dramatic look that clearly lacked sun exposure. Blackberry lips, pale skin, and a little hint of red under the eyes at Jason Wu were ghostly exquisite.

Lanvin’s pale palette of designs contrast with slicked hair and dark, gothic make-up.

Ethereal and dramatic, these looks will require you to pile on the SPF 50 and keep that porcelain skin looking doll-like. Just remember to invest in only one aspect of the look so you don’t look like a Halloween creation.