Cool Weather Beauty

The winter months can be cruel to our vanity. 
Dry skin, brittle nails, hair that breaks. 
It’s a far cry from the easy days of summer, when not much more than a slick of moisturizer was required. 
It takes a little more work to look polished in the cooler months, but you needn’t completely revamp your beauty routine. 
Here are a few tips to keep you beautiful through the winter.

Add a Serum

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to switch to a thicker moisturizer in the fall and winter.  If you’ve

found an oil-free lotion that works for your skin, stick with it.  Adding a thin layer of serum containing hyaluronic acid onto the skin before moisturizing will help hydrate it better.  SkinCeuticals B5 Hydrating Gel is especially great for those with sensitive skin.

Use a Humidifier 

It’s not just the weather outside that strips our skin, hair, and nails of moisture, it’s the constant running of heat.  Furnace heated air can reduce humidity levels to 10 percent or less indoors—a far cry from the 30-40 percent that is considered ideal for retaining moisture in your skin. Invest in a small, warm mist humidifier and place it next to your bed when you sleep (don’t forget to close the door).  It will help replenish some of the lost moisture in the air and in your skin.

Skip the Hot Showers 

Fewer things may seem as wonderful in frigid weather than a long, steamy shower.  Unfortunately, this removes protective oils that our skin naturally produces—and when these oils are lost, water from our skin is also lost.  Try to keep showers brief and at a medium temperature.  Also, opt for a cream wash that has petroleum or sunflower oil in it.  These coat the skin, trapping its natural oils.

Handle Hair With Care 

As you may have guessed, using a thick, rich conditioner is crucial this time of year.  Choose products that contain essential fatty acids and humectants.  Not only are they great at moisturizing tresses, but they hold moisture in the hair, which is no small feat in sub-degree temperatures.  We’re fans of L’Oreal Professional Intense Repair Masque.

Keep Nails Moisturized 

Skin and hair aren’t the only thing affected by cold weather and lack of moisture.  Nails often become brittle and peel this time of year.  The key is to keep them hydrated, as well.  Slick some Vaseline onto your hands and rub it in to really penetrate the nails.  Also, opt for polishes that contain proteins and fibers.  Sally Hansen’s Beyond Perfect is a good drugstore line that’s great for strengthening and comes in a wide variety of colors.