How to Make a Statement With Red Lipstick

models wearing red lipstick

image: Imaxtree

Red lipstick is not just makeup, it’s a fashion statement. It’s also a look that everyone can wear for any occasion; it just depends on choosing and applying the right shade, texture and formula — whether it’s a lipstick, a stain or a gloss.

Here are the six key steps to wearing red lipstick so you look sensational, not scary.

1. Tone it down.

When you wear red lipstick, make sure the rest of your makeup is toned down. Natural, flawless skin and a little mascara is all you really need. Choose bare or nude nail polish so it does not clash with your lips.

2. Pick a formula based on the occasion.

If you are going out to a formal occasion, choose a classic creamy, matte lipstick formula. For a more youthful look, a glossy liquid makes a beautiful impact. For everyday wear, try a sheer or long-lasting mineral lipstick.

3. Experiment.

Experiment with shades to get the perfect look. To make your teeth look whiter, go for shades with blue undertones. If your skin is fair or has pink undertones, try cooler reds with blue undertones. If your skin has yellow undertones, try reds with a brownish undertone. If you have very dark or black skin, you can try reds with orange undertones. The key is to experiment with a lot of reds to find the best shade for your skin.

4. Exfoliate.

Before applying red lipstick, exfoliate your lips for a super-smooth base. Just dip a cotton swab in some baking soda and rub on your lips. Follow with petroleum jelly for extra moisture.

5. Line your lips.

Lipstick — especially red lipstick — can bleed. Use a neutral lip liner and line inside the lip line, not on the outside.

6. Use a lip brush.

Apply your lipstick with a lip brush and follow with a dusting of translucent powder to make it last throughout the day or night.

The most important tip: Wear this look with confidence! It’s a bold choice that makes an impact when you walk into a room.

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