To Pay or Not to Pay?

Sitting in a salon for hours may be guilt-free relaxation to some, but for others, it’s that much less money in our pockets. 
What routines are okay to brave on our own, and what should we leave to the pros? 

Do It Yourself

Long gone are the days of foul-smelling lotions that turn your skin a hue somewhere in the coral family.  These days, self-tanners are good.  Products like Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel and our personal favorite, Kate Somerville Somer360, give incredibly realistic tans without the mess or the $75 price tag of an airbrush tan.  Somer360 is a (paraben-free) tan towel – just wipe, toss, and get dressed.  Eight come in a pack. 
Teeth Whitening 
There’s really no need to shell out upwards of $400 for a blinding set of pearly whites.  Over-the-counter whiteners like Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips work just as well (and it lasts a few months).
This may seem downright insane to some, but do you know how much an every-other-week mani/pedi adds up to a year?  Over $900 (and that’s not including tip…)!  Clean, bare nails are eternally classy, (How often do you see Kate Moss with polish on?)  and a do-it-yourself pedicure isn’t all that hard.  Just be sure to keep nails short, clean, and buffed.  Clear polish optional. 

Leave It To the Pros

No, you can’t do extractions.  Has it ever worked out for you?  Leave things like basic facials, microdermabrasion, and peels to the experts.  Not only are they trained, but they have the tools (and the proper angle) to get your face clear, glowing, and smooth.
Hair:  Cuts, Color, Straightening, Anything 
Trimming your bangs is one thing (and even that isn’t such a great idea), but trying to cut, dye, or chemically alter your hair is another.  You’re going to wind up at the salon for a correction anyway, so why not just save yourself the drama and go there in the first place?
Waxing – Of Any Kind 
It may seem tempting if you’re pressed for time and/or cash, but resist the urge.  Those kits you see in the drugstore are nothing but cheap wax and a promise to “never do this again.”