Green Beauty Products that Actually Work

green beauty products






We want to go green. Really, we do. But our tried and true standbys work so well…

Realizing it was time to do our part for the environment, we tested a slew of natural beauty products from Whole Foods, Bloomingdale's and, of course, the Internet. Here are 5 eco-friendly beauty products that actually work.





1. Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist, $35.00

We first learned about this line through Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly-addictive Goop newsletter.  We love Gwyneth—and her skin—so we gave it a go. Our sensitive complexion wasn’t the slightest bit irritated, but dewy and plump. Spray it on before regular moisturizer for extra hydration.


2. Origins Brighter by Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel, $37.50

An at-home peel that corrects sun damage? Yes, please. Packed with potent fruit acids and enzymes, this peel rivals a professional glycolic peel. Our skin felt much smoother after just one use, and our fine lines seemed less noticeable, too. We’re hoping that our skin will look more even (like the peel suggests) after a few more uses.


3. 100% Pure Pigmented Cheek Tints, $15

We tried Cranberry Glow and we’re officially in love. We never would have guessed that there are no synthetic dyes or minerals (like almost all other cosmetics), instead just fruit and vegetable pigments. The tint gave us a natural-looking, just-gone-for-a-brisk-walk hue.


4. Saffron Rouge Organic Perfumes and Fragrances, $98.95

Like the description states, their Pivoine Perfume smells like “spring in a bottle”.  Fresh, clean and not overpowering, the fragrance is made with essential oils and completely chemical-free. We’re hooked.


5. No Miss Natural Mascara, $14.99

Okay, so it’s not Definicils, but it’s a good all-natural mascara—and that’s hard to find. Our lashes looked pretty, clump-free and, well, natural after using this. Perfect for everyday use.