Holiday Party Makeup Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, so do the holiday parties. It’s the perfect time of year to get creative with your look. From sequin shoes to party dresses and textured tights, the colder weather and festivities invite your inner artist to come out and experiment with your look. Check out the three makeup looks below for inspiration to spice up your beauty routine for your next glamorous event. 

Retro Glam

A deep red lip, pristine matte face, heavy liner and dramatic false lashes add drama and vintage glamour to any party dress. For an even bolder look, try a retro curl and rhinestone earrings.


Experiment with color, but keep it simple. Try adding one solid hue across the eye for a bold, sophisticated look that doesn’t look cartoonish. A pale lip will also keep it pretty and modern.

Smokey Eyes

Smudged black liner and smokey grey shadow are sultry with a natural brow. Add a slight glow to the skin and keep your lips pale to balance out the drama.

Keep in mind these three beautiful looks the next time you plan your outfit for a cocktail party this season.