Holiday Pampering Tips

Soho’s Haven Spa NYC is known around Manhattan for being one of the more affordably posh spots to get pampered. Located on Mercer Street for over a decade, Haven has become a neighborhood favorite. On one of my recent visits, I spoke with two members of their expert staff: nail expert Fahmida Mumith and esthetician Stalina Glot to get the scoop on this season’s hottest nail colors and some pre and post holiday pampering inspiration.


The Fashion Spot: Are there any nail polish shades that seem to be particularly popular this holiday season?

Fahmida Mumith: There are a variety of colors that people are opting for, but those in the ranges of reds and burgundy are particularly popular. Also the glitter polishes from Zoya and white shimmers seem to be big favorites.

Zoya nail polish

tFS: What are the best treatments to get for those low on time and high on stress?

Stalina Glot: We’ve actually designed Massage M.E. Treatment for that reason. People in a time-crunch should go for targeted 30-minute treatments, like a massage that focuses on one particularly troublesome area, like a classic and effective smoothing, softening and moisturizing body scrub (which is particularly helpful when looking to target dry winter skin), a blackhead-targeting facial treatment, or go for something simple like a pedicure.


tFS: When dealing with dry skin in the winter, what are the best treatments to get? Is there anything to avoid in terms of product/treatment?

SG: Avoid extra drying products and block out an hour to go get a serious facial. I perform a Bootcamp Facial here that uses botanical-based Sonya Dakar products. It’s customized to address whatever the client’s specific concerns (think acne, discoloration, smoothing fine lines).


tFS: What do you suggest for pre-holiday treatments? Post?

FM: Before, treat your nails to a manicure and pedicure. After, opt for a more intense foot treatment. I perform something we call Haven Foot Renaissance, which is basically a foot facial – perfect for relaxing tired feet that have been strapped in high heels! Look for a treatment that uses algae for stimulation and essential oils.

SG: Get a facial before and after, but make sure the post facial includes a specific eye treatment.


Du Juan in Vogue China

Du Juan in Vogue China


tFS: What are your go-to winter beauty products?

SG: Intense moisturizers, moisturizing masks, facial oils, and facial scrubs.


tFS: Do you have any tips for those traveling between cold and warm weather this holiday season?

SG: Frequent use of hydrating masks.