How to Get the Perfect Red Lip

models wearing red lipstick

image: Imaxtree

Many women wonder if they can pull off red lipstick. What if I look like a clown? What if it gets on my teeth? The truth is, a great red lip is easy to pull off with the right tools.

1. Pick the right shade 

Fair Skin: Taylor Swift is a perfect example of a fair-skinned woman who rocks the bright red lip practically every time she’s photographed. Aim for a classic red shade and avoid colors with even a hint of pink. Not sure where to start? Try Dior’s Rouge Lipstick in Red Premiere 752, $30.

Medium Skin: Darker reds are better for those with medium skin tone. A bright red lip works, but it’s better to go with a shade that has similar undertones to your skin, giving your lip a more natural look. Try Very Cherry by Maybelline, $5.50.

Dark Skin: Darker skin tones require red with an orange tint. Deep reds tend to look dull on darker skin and the point of this look is to get your lip to pop. One of our all-time favorites is Lady Danger by MAC, $14.50.

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2. Moisten before you apply

Apply a thick layer of lip balm before you start putting on the rest of your makeup. When your eyes and skin are done, wipe the balm off with a tissue. It will leave you with a much softer pout to work with. 

3. Color in your lips

Find a lip pencil that matches your lipstick as closely as possible, line the outer part of your lip (make sure not to go outside your natural lip line) and color it in. This technique will ensure that your lips retain their color, even after the lipstick has worn off.

applying red lipstick with a brush

image: Imaxtree

4. Apply lipstick with a brush

This is essential! When you use a lip brush, you have much more control over where the lipstick goes. What really makes a red lip work are the precise contours, so don’t apply the stick directly. Then, take a tissue and dab it between your lips. When the excess has been removed, reapply the shade for maximum color.

5. Conceal the edges and avoid the smudge

The last step to getting the perfect red lip is to make sure it stays in place. To skip any kind of bleeding, dab a small drop of concealer around your mouth. Then place your index finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly, making sure to catch any excess lipstick that might try to ruin your teeth.

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