Count Your Beauty Blessings

Lara Stone

As much as we love creams that reduce wrinkles, shampoo that adds gloss to our hair and shadows that make eyes pop, lately we’ve noticed how little time we spend appreciating our natural beauty. Sure, we long for Charlize Theron’s neverending legs or Jennifer Aniston’s eternally cooperative hair, but what about our own beauty blessings? Here are some qualities you may not know other women envy about you! 

Full lips

Vogue Lips

The mouth is usually the first thing people notice when looking at someone’s face and having full lips can add instant attraction. Those with this beauty blessing rarely think of it as a gift, but every year women spend thousands of dollars plumping up their pout and buying bold or glossy products to bring attention to their mouths. Julia Roberts anyone?


Long eyelashes

Let’s think about all the products we use to create long, stunning eyelashes: volumizing mascara, lash-growth serum, tinted lash dye, lengthening mascara, false lashes, lash primer, just to name a few. Naturally long, dark eyelashes are one of the most coveted beauty blessings out there because they are the key element to a big dramatic eye. Not to mention all the Nicholas Sparks movies you can cry through without worrying about smudging!

Beauty Spots

Beauty spots are totally underrated. As beautiful as clear, blemish-free skin is, a beauty spot on your face can create a striking look that is completely unique to you. After all, legendary beauty icons like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe made millions with their trademark spots!

Thick eyebrows

Penelope Cruz EyebrowsWe tend to believe that hair-free is the way to go. If it’s not our legs, or our bikini lines, it’s our bushy brows. But before you run out and spend your hard earned cash on sculpting your brows, think about beauties like Penelope Cruz and Brooke Shields, whose flawless faces wouldn’t be the same without their eyebrows. Full brows can draw subtle attention to your eyes without overbearing your face. Keep them neat and tidy, but don’t try to diminish this beauty blessing.  


Skin that Works With the Sun

Sun, Gucci cruiseOne of the biggest downers about global warming is that more than ever before, we have to take immense care when lying out in the sun. Effective, pore-friendly sunscreens can be pricey and for many people, even the strongest SPF won’t prevent them from going lobster red. One of the greatest beauty blessings in this climate is having olive or dark skin, which is much less susceptible to sun damage than those with paler skin tones. A sun-kissed glow is a much sought-after quality – just ask Jersey Shore princess, Snooki!

But this list of beauty blessings is only the beginning. Tell us what you love about the way you look when all the makeup comes off!