Don’t Be So Sensitive! Beauty Tips for Delicate Skin

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the ability to spend the impromptu night out, or to load on cheap, fun makeup products – my skin is far too sensitive. For those of you who have complexions as finicky as mine, fret not, we can still be clear-complected and redness-free if we follow a few simple rules.  

Woman applying moisturizerTest It

Before lathering your skin with a new cream or foundation, do a small patch test and wait 48 hours to see if redness or blemishes occur. No, it’s not as fun as ripping open a package and immediately going for it, but it’s a lot better than a broken out face.


Read It

The key to protecting sensitive skin and preventing flare-ups is knowing your ingredients. Always look for hypoallergenic products containing Vitamin E or Pro-Vitamin B5 – both are particularly good for combating very dry skin. Aloe vera, camomile, coconut oil, and canola oil-based products are great for replenishing, softening, and soothing skin. 

A moisturizer we’ve never had trouble with is Ahava’s Dermud Facial Calming Moisturizer ($34).  It’s hypoallergenic and paraben-free, with a good dose of Vitamin E.

Woman washing her face

Cleanse It

Twice a day, at most!  We know it’s tempting to wash skin more when it’s broken out or excessively oily, but over-washing will only strip skin of natural oils, causing dryness and more blemishes. Find a mild cleanser that’s right for you – we’ve never heard of anyone having problems with Cetaphil. Gently wash (don’t scrub) once or twice a day. Pat (don’t rub) skin dry.


Clean Your Makeup BrushesWoman putting makeup on with a makeup brush

Sure, you may have found that perfect mineral makeup that doesn’t irritate your skin, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your brushes!

Every two weeks or so, wash brushes with a mild soap or baby shampoo. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry. Bacteria be gone!


Change Your Pillow Cases

Your mom may have told you this in high school, but it’s not without merit. Switch out pillow cases every few days to avoid laying your face where night cream residue and hair oil may reside.