How to Get Lush Kardashian-Inspired Lashes

Kim Kardashian lashesCall it the Kardashian Effect, but big, lush lashes are all the rage right now. From serums to perms to extensions, tFS explores all that you need to know to get bold, look-at-me lashes.


PERMS AND DYES: No, we’re not talking about the 80s hair band perm, we’re talking about the one for your eyelashes. Yes, there are perms for your eyelashes, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Available at most salons, a certified technician will put tiny little rollers in your eyelashes, douse them with that pungent solution you may remember from your youth, and leave them in for about twenty minutes. Afterwards, your eyes will appear brighter and more awake.  

For a double punch, try coupling this treatment with eyelash dying, which—you guessed it—darkens your lashes to the shade of your liking.  

It’s a great, relatively inexpensive procedure (each treatment costs between $30-35) to treat yourself to before a vacation, as you definitely won’t be in need of mascara.


SERUMS: They seem to be everywhere now; there’s Latisse, Envyderm, LiLash, and as we told you about a few months ago, LashDip. Choosing a serum really is about preference, how much cash you want to shell out, and whether or not you want to get a prescription (which don’t forget will cost you a doctor’s visit, as well).

Some non-prescription lash growth products that are getting good reviews are:

Eyelash Power Treatment ($95); Enormous Lash ($95); Lipocils Expert ($55); Marini Lash ($160) neuLash ($85) and La Bella Donna Enriched Lash Enhancement ($98).


LASH-GROWING MAKEUP: NYX Grow Lash Liquid Liner ($13) is similar to a serum, but we think this one deserves its own category for its double-duty punch. NYX Grow Lash Liquid Liner lines your eyes for a gorgeous, dramatic effect while helping your lashes grow! Formulated with peptide, copper, and arginine, the liner works at the root to strengthen thin, brittle lashes, while biotin and panthenol condition, nourish and protect the overall health of your lashes. It’s also non-irritating, as well as smudge-proof and semi-waterproof. Not bad.

Eva Longoria lashesBeyonce Lashe

EYELASH EXTENSIONS: The most expensive, and perhaps the wackiest, procedure of them all.

Celebs like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce all have had eyelash extensions done before red carpet events or performances.

A certified tech will adhere the synthetic lashes to your natural ones for a wow-factor look.  The lashes will last between four to six weeks and you can shower, swim, and sweat with them (although, extensive visits to the steam room aren’t recommended).

Prices vary immensely for this procedure. On the high-end of the spectrum is Makeup Mandy in Los Angeles, where this lavish treatment will run you about $350. On the lower end is the (sort of) best-kept secret in New York, EbenezerEyelash, where you’ll pay about $90.


If you’re not ready to try any of these semi-permanent procedures, there’s always good old fashioned false lashes for a lush, temporary enhancement.