Over-the-Counter Botox

over the counter botox treatments


For those not quite ready to go under the needle, here are some products that attempt to “mimic” botox and other age-defying treatments. 

1. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender #5, $81.90 – Obagi is one of the biggest players in the physician-dispensed skin care market. All of its products are clinically proven to be highly effective, but the downside is they tend to be on the harsher side, so beware if you have very sensitive skin. The Nu-Derm Blender #5 is part of their Nu-Derm System and treats hyper-pigmented skin, chloasma and freckles with gradual bleaching and brightening of the skin.

2. StriVectin-SD, $79 – StriVectin has since expanded with a variety of skin care products, but when it first came out with the original StriVectin stretch mark cream, it was deemed “better than botox” when applied to the face. Unfortunately, those with sensitive skin had issues with applying a cream meant to treat stretch marks to their face, so fast forward a few years and the brand has finally come out with a wrinkle-tackling cream designed specifically for those with sensitive skin. 

3. Kinerase Cream, $107.10 – Formulated for all skin types (it’s hypoallergenic, non- comedogenic, and fragrance-free so it wont irritate sensitive skin), this Kinerase moisturizer is formulated with a plant based technology called Kinetin meant to at once hydrate and help tame the appearance of wrinkles, sun-damage, and other signs of aging. 

4. DDF Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula Wrinkle Relax, $88 – DDF claims users will see visible results in two weeks, but many report next day results, especially when it comes to the fine lines around the eye region. 

5. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, $27.90 – La Roche-Posay is widely known for its proven-effective skincare treatments, but its star products are arguably the sunscreen range. Though it’s called Ultra Light, Anthelios 60 is actually on the thicker side of sunscreens, but it’s formulated with a unique Cell-Ox Shield to protect skin at the cellular level from the sun, and is waterproof. 

6. Dermalogica AGE Reversal Eye Complex, $75 – The sensitive skin of the eye orbit is one of the first signs of stress and age, so it’s shocking to know that, along with hands and neck, the eye region is one of the most overlooked. Dermalogica’s complex is ideal because it only needs to be applied once every other night for the first two weeks and then nightly thereafter, as opposed twice daily. The Eye Complex has proven to be so effective in both the long and short term, that Dermalogica is using it as the basis of a new 20-minute MicroZone treatment developed to boost cell production and give the eye a more energized look. (MicroZone treatments are targeted 20-minute problem-solving sessions for people with time constraints – think rapid spot relief, mini facial and lip renewal.)

7. Dr. Brandt Collagen Booster, $75 and Laser a-Peel – Dermatologist Dr. Brandt knows what women want and he’s been successfully bottling it up for years. His Collagen Booster helps minimize the breakdown of collagen and stimulate new collagen production, while the Laser a-Peel system was designed specifically to mimic in-office procedures that tighten pores, improve elasticity and offer more radiant skin.