Aesthetician Angelique Cray-Cassell: A tFS Exclusive Interview

Angelique Cray-Cassell, an aesthetician at the premiere Los Angeles destination, Ona Spa, has worked with A-list celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paula Abdul, Carrie Mulligan, and Cameron Diaz, to name a few. Her real passion lies in educating herself and her clients about skincare concerns. Here’s an interview she did for me on winter skin remedies – it’s a must-read in these brutal weather conditions!   

I asked Angelique my three favorite beauty-related questions because, let’s face it, anyone who spray tans that masterful body of Cameron Diaz is pretty cool in my books. Here are her answers:

INDUSTRY BREAK: Growing up, I had extremely problematic skin. It always puzzled me why my skin acted differently, and this question led me to explore and educate myself about skin. I trained in esthetics in Liverpool, England, and after gaining success there, it led me to explore the US market. My success in the beauty industry is due to the education I provide my clients about their skin. Working in Los Angeles, and with a celebrity clientele for the past two years, has probably been the pinnacle of my success, but I will always continue to educate myself and clients about skin.

Carrie Mulligan is one of Angelique Cray-Cassell's clients.Jennifer Love Hewitt is a client of Angelique Cray-Cassell.


Clarisonic Brush – An amazing addition to any skin care routine, removing six times as much oil and sebum as manual cleansing; it provides an amazing aid to oily skin! It allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus vitamin A and C is further absorbed, aiding in anti-aging facial routines as well.

Ona Pumpkin Peel – A natural, but potent, exfoliant that removes dead skin cells without over-exfoliating the skin, allowing the skin the function more adequately.

Environ C-Boost – An exciting Vitamin C complex that gives the cells of the skin extra protection from harmful and aging UV rays. It also gives the skin a brighter, smoother appearance.

Babor HSR – Platinum eye cream amazingly smoothes and hydrates the delicate and fragile eye area. It rapidly encourages cell rejuvenation without drying out the eye area.

Cosmelan – An exquisite Spanish peel and de-pigmentation system. It is one of the only products that works on melasma, and it is an unbelievable winter repair.


FAVORITE LOOK YOU’VE EVER CREATED: The most notable would be the organic spray tan I did for Cameron Diaz when she was filming the movie Knight and Day.

Cameron Diaz