The World’s Quirkiest Beauty Treatments

More often than we’d like to admit, a basic pedicure is an absolute essential. If you’ve been blessed with perfect cuticles, maybe it’s a wax or a facial that is your beauty must. But what about the rest of the world? As much as we adore our spa treatments, there are women all over the globe who would forgo a French mani for a snail secretion facial any day. Check out these quirky beauty treatments!

fish pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Long before there were razors to demolish the dead skin cells on our heels, there were fish pedicures. The Turkish spa treatment allows people to dip their feet into a pond filled with tiny fish known as garra rufa (or doctor fish), so the carp can nibble away at the dead skin. The treatment has spread all around the world, becoming a big hit in Asia, but unfortunately for us, county health departments around the United States have determined this treatment unsanitary. Guess we’ll stick to a pumice stone for now.

A group of people taking a beer bath.

Beer Baths

Although being drenched in beer usually means we’ve had a rough night out, for many it is a way to relax and cleanse the skin. Over the last decade, beer baths have become increasingly popular in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.  Apparently, the vitamins in the yeast help cleanse and dry out oily skin. The only problem? Trying to stop the customers from drinking too much bath water!


Snail Secretion Facial

So much for avocado and coconut oils; some South Americans have discovered a new beauty benefactor: snail secretion. In 2008, the International Society of Skin Pharmacology Journal revealed that snail secretion contains regenerating properties that are excellent for anti-aging. Since snails are exposed to the harsh environment daily, their secretion includes protection from environmental pollution and UV radiation. Keep an eye out for the ingredient in facials and moisturizers!


Gold Face Mask

Nothing makes us feel like royalty quite like a face mask made of gold – or so the Japanese say. This luxurious treatment involves applying thin sheets of 24k gold to the face with moisturizer. The Cleopatra-inspired pampering reportedly softens, tightens, and rejuvenates aging skin immediately. Although we love the idea of being smothered in gold, testimonials seem to be limited and, needless to say, the treatment will surely empty out your wallet in no time. 


Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Blow drying your hair after a floral shampooing is heavenly, that is, unless you conditioned with bull semen. A London hair salon, Hari’s, offers a bull semen conditioning treatment that adds shine and nourishes protein-deficient hair. The conditioner, which the salon applies after a wash, sits in hair for 45 minutes before it’s rinsed and blow-dried. Salon owner Hari Salem told reporters that the semen is refrigerated before it’s used, so the smell has been eliminated. Think we’ll skip this one!

Have you ever tried a crazy beauty treatment? We want to hear your story!