Marchesa Fall 2011 Backstage Beauty Look

Marchesa beauty

Coming-up with a hair look that doesn’t either get lost or take away from the elaborate creations that make up a Marchesa collection is no easy feat, but lead hairstylist Renato Campora for Frederic Fekkai managed to do just that by keeping the hair look simple in the front, with a party in the back.

Marchesa beauty

Inspired by the volumes, textures, and silhouettes of the collection, he drew from the classic style of a flamenco dancer’s chignon to create two completely different textures. While the models’ hair was controlled and sleek in the front, the back was fabulously voluminous in a controlled messy kind of a way.

Marchesa beauty fall 2011

To get the look, the Fekkai team start by satuating the crown of the head with Fekkai COIFF Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel for added texture and grip. Hair was then blown dry by hand to ensure a natural texture, before it was parted in the center with a fine tooth comb and brushed out with the Fekkai Classic Brush. Then, the models’ hair was brushed back into a low, tight ponytail at the nape of their neck and secured with a hair tie. The stylists then teased the ponytail with the Fekkai Classic Brush for a tousled, textured look. The end of the ponytail was then secured with an elastic and the hair was gathered against the back of the head to create an oversized, disheveled, chignon with movement. Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray was sprayed on for hold.

While seeing easy beachy hair is nice, this high-drama look was refreshingly different and worked perfectly to bring out the texture and sophistication of the Fall 2011 Marchesa collection.

Marchesa hair fall 2011

As for makeup, given that the Marchesa ladies have collaborated on a cosmetic line with Le Metier de Beaute it was little surprise that they turned to the brand once again this season to bring to life the makeup look. Artist Talia Shobrook was inspired by the elegant deconstructed look of the Fall 2011 collection and wanted the girls to look like they had just come out from an attic. Eyelids were treated to a combination of Le Metier de Beaute Peachy Keen, Innocence, and Fire Lily and Magic was used to give the powder shades a more creamy texture. Mulberry shadow was then applied along with a brown mascara called Anamorphic.

Marchesa beauty

Eyebrows were also treated to some dashes of brown and the same red Fire Lily shade that was used on the models’ lids, along with Magic, was applied on their lips. As for skin, foundation mixed with moisturizer was applied, followed by brightener just under the models’ eyes. Cheeks were then treated to a light blush and some matte powder to set the look.


Marchesa backstage