Glamorous Glitter at Vena Cava: New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

Watch out beauty world, glitter has returned and it’s brighter and bluer than ever before! While many of us associate glitter makeup with awkward middle school dances and Spice Girls concerts, Vena Cava bravely brought the look back at their show in New York last week, and we have to say, we kind of like it!

Vena Cava BeautyVena Cava Beauty

The Brooklyn-based designers, who are known for their vintage, arty-looking fashion, went bold when they smothered their models’ eyes with blue and silver glitter, keeping skin and lips practically bare for a glamorous emphasis. Makeup artist Christian McCulloch used a strong, sticky base to keep the glitter put around the eyes. While he covered a lot of ground with the sparkle, he made sure not to go beyond the brow or along the temples. But what made this look so sharp was the way the colors were swiped so far below the eyes, much further than the lower lash line, with brighter, silver colors on the bottom to help catch the light. 

Vena Cava glitter eyes fall 2011

If you feel like you’re ready to give glitter another shot, do a couple of trial runs before you leave the house bedazzled – it can get messy. We recommend trusting MAC with this particular look. Start by covering desired areas with Prep + Prime Eye ($16.50), or a generous amount of Painterly Paint Pot (16.50), a creamy pigmented base that will help the glitter stay on. (Note that McCulloch used MAC Pro Shine Mixing Medium, but that can be very hard to come by.) Then press (don’t swipe) MAC’s Pro Glitter Pigment 3D in Silver ($35) on the desired areas to get the sparkly look.