Makeup Lessons With MAC

For some of us, no matter how many times we read about it online or see others do it, getting the perfect makeup look is impossible. Luckily, there are several cosmetic companies that provide makeup lessons, some private, some group, that will literally hold our hands through the application process. Take a look at our thoughts on getting a lesson at MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics on Models

What It Is

The artists at MAC are great about teaching customers how to apply their products, it’s how they amp up their sales. Lessons are private, will cost you roughly $110, and take place at MAC stores. For 90 minutes, you and one of the makeup artists will sit down and find the perfect look for you. 

Before You Go

It helps if you know what you want to learn before you go in: Are you looking for basic makeup application instructions? Do you want to learn how to do a smoky eye? Do you struggle to put together an appropriate day look? They’ve spent months studying this stuff, so no request is too big for them. But beware: these artists are not afraid of color, so if you tend to lean towards a more natural look, speak up! Think of it like a hair styling appointment, they want you to leave feeling beautiful and confident about your approach to makeup, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them. 

Makeup Lessons With MACDuring The Lesson

The color assortment is what makes MAC so irresistible, so let them take a look at your skin tone and lip color and choose the shades that will help accentuate your best features. As you stand in front of a mirror, the artist will apply the products to one side of your face and then help you do the same thing to the other side. They’ll write it all down for you at the end, so don’t feel like you need to memorize anything.

The lesson comes with a free tube of mascara and a 10 percent discount on any products you buy from them for the next month! Call your local MAC store to set up an appointment at least two days ahead of time, and don’t forget to tip your artist.

What We Learned

Foundation and powder are great for evening out skin tones, but we learned we can do much more than that: we can contour our faces with bronzer. The artist demonstrated how we can highlight bone structure and make faces look slimmer by brushing bronzer lightly around the face. Start with your forehead, swiping it just along your hairline, then come down to your temples, brush just below your cheekbone, then come back to the hairline and swipe a bit more bronzer along the base of your face, where the chin and neck meet. The idea is to highlight your bones by outlining your face. But make sure you blend the bronzer in with your neck, otherwise you may be left with uneven coloring.