Makeup Lessons with Clinique

Clinique Holiday PromoWhether it’s learning how to add a little flavor to your daily makeup routine or simply discovering the basics, when it comes to cosmetics we could always use a little assistance from the experts. This week we did some undercover reporting to find out what exactly goes on when you get one-on-one time with beauty experts. Last week, we checked in with the makeup artists at MAC, and today we've got the scoop on cosmetics at Clinique. Check out our satisfying discoveries!

What It Is

Clinique artists can always be found at a high-end department store, but their skills are a hot commodity – you can’t just drop in. The best way to get the artist’s full attention is to call ahead at least a day in advance and make an appointment (ideally on a weekday). The lesson runs for about an hour and is free of charge.

Before You Go

Unlike some makeup stores, you can go into a session at Clinique completely clueless. They expect beginners and will teach you all the basics with grace. We recommend knowing the names of all the products you wash and moisturize your face with before you go and think about your biggest skincare concerns. Other than that, they have it all under control.

Also, beware that you may feel slightly pressured to buy the items they use on you at the end of the lesson – it is their business after all. We recommend making a beauty budget before you go, keeping in mind the products you love and the ones you could forego, so you don’t get bombarded with purchase pressure when the session is over.

During the Lesson

Our artist started by focusing on skincare, which she said was essential in order to get the perfect makeup look. First we did a little quiz, discussing all our beauty concerns, then tested several moisturizers and skin reviving products. They’ll never put something on your face without asking you first, so if you’re feeling confident, give them the go-ahead at the very beginning. We worked on matching foundation, adjusting foundation with the seasons, and doing a simple day look. Although the artist took care of all the skincare, she walked us through the makeup steps slowly, doing one side of our faces in front of a mirror and then allowing us to repeat after her.

What We Learned

Clinique heel & lipstickSkin can get extremely dull in the winter, and by the time we get our dose of spring sunlight, dark circles have taken over our eyes. The artist at Clinique taught us to hide dark circles with under-eye concealer by gently dabbing (not wiping) a small amount with beneath your eye, up along the inside of your eye, where the bridge of the nose and tear duct meet and even onto your eyelid. They stressed using a concealer brush, because using your fingers will stretch the fragile skin under your eyes and take up excess concealer that you end up rinsing off into the sink.

Here was another tip we loved: if you’re in a rush or have left your eye shadow brush at home, take a cotton ball and cover it with a tissue to create what they call “a little eye shadow ghost.” Rub the tip of the tissue in a generous amount of shadow and apply all over your lid and up to your brow bone. The results? A surprisingly even dust of color across your lids. You can even dab deeper shades in the corner of your eye for a more in depth look.