Pretty Easter-Inspired Beauty Products

Easter Beauty

Though you may have outgrown hunting for eggs, and may have lost the craving for sugary bunny-shaped confections, or perhaps you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, you can still get into the Easter spirit by loading up your vanity with pastel hues. After all, gray nails and kohl cat eyes won’t help those April showers seem any less drab.

Here’s a look at some spring items to help perk up the month, rain or shine.

Easter Beauty

1. Philosophy Spring Has Sprung, $25: Adorably packaged, this trio of three-in-one shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath liquids have been inspired by Easter’s most popular sweets—jelly beans, Peeps, and chocolate. Like most of Philosophy's sweet scented products, the scents are true to their inspiration while being light enough that they won't bring on the urge to dive nose first in a candy jar.

2. Hello Kitty Nail Art, $5: If there was one thing learned from the frenzy that MAC created with their limited edition Hello Kitty collection back in 2009 is that women cannot get enough of this Sanrio character. True devotees can spruce up their tips with some colorful Kitty-inspired embellishments.

3. NARS Fashion Forward Set, $59: Bold colors can be daunting to pull off if you’re used to flesh tones or black, making this kit’s complementary shadow, gloss, lip shimmer, and pencil an approachable solution, especially given that it comes with “get the look" instructions.

4. Sephora by OPI Sparkle Me Silver Top Coat, $9.50: For those that can’t let go of fall's taupes, grays, and khakis, this top coat is a party in a bottle that can brighten up even the most mundane polish shade.

5. Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss, $20: OK, so they’re not as yummy as a sweet treat, but these juicy colors are about as close as a gloss will get you.

6. Lush Bath Bombs, $4.95: When it comes to environmentally friendly, always cute, and very fragrant products, Lush takes the cake. They’ve got countless bath bombs in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, each of which is pretty much guaranteed to liven up your bathtub, soften your skin, and fill your bathroom with a refreshing aroma.

7. Tokidoki Glitter Eyeliner Set, $ 25: When in a rush, ditch your colored shadow and simply pencil on a swipe of one of these glittery colored pencil shades for a bright spring pop.